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Eco-Friendly Product Information

HeadboardCraft™ is proud to introduce an optional upgrade to our full line of headboards, incorporating the best Eco-Friendly components available.

We use the World's First Soy-based High Resiliency Foam as part of our Eco-Friendly option which has the same fire-resistant, mold & mildew resistant and hypo-allergenic qualities of our standard foam with the significant advantage of minimizing the use of petrochemicals in its manufacture.

Read about our Eco-Friendly Foam

The Arreis® 100% recycled MDF panels we use as part of our Eco-Friendly option meet the most stringent formaldehyde emission standards in the world.

Read about our Eco-Friendly MDF

Other components also used in our standard headboards are already Eco-Friendly !!!

  • The "easy stapling strip™" material we use is a natural, renewable product
  • The legs we provide are pine wood
  • The foam adhesive we use is non-flammable and has one of the lowest VOC levels available
  • The MDF we use in our standard headboards is 100% recycled wood fiber

Every time you purchase MDF, you are helping to save another piece of the Earth.

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