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The World's First Soy-based High Resiliency Foam

People nowadays are more aware of the ecological issues facing our planet. We are told to think about reducing our carbon footprint and to use more renewable resources in our daily lives.

These environmentally inspired trends are a feature of modern day living. Our lifestyles are adapting to this new way of thinking. Increasingly, what we buy is being influenced by more eco-friendly alternatives, as they become available.

The thinking process has become irreversible and as natural as the world we are seeking to preserve.

The World's First Soy-based High Resiliency Foam we use for our Eco-Friendly options has the same fire-resistant, mold & mildew resistant and hypo-allergenic qualities of our standard foam with the significant advantage of minimizing the use of petrochemicals in it's manufacture.

Koosh® Natural is an alternative range of foam using renewable natural resources. Koosh® Natural has been designed using a special soybean oil to replace most of the traditional fossil fuels based raw materials.

We can now help to preserve our world by decreasing consumption of petrochemicals and increasing the use of crops harvested from nature. The production of the soybean oil is also more energy efficient than its synthetic counterparts, so that the carbon footprint is also reduced. We think your family will enjoy the natural protection afforded by Koosh® Natural.

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