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How long should it take me to finish my headboard kit?
Because our upholstered headboard kits are ready to cover right out of the box, they can truly be an afternoon project.

Do I need special tools or a hot glue gun to finish my headboard kit?
No special tools or a hot glue gun are required. All that is needed is a pair of scissors, a standard duty staple gun, and a Philips headed (star) screwdriver.

Do I have to cut any wood or glue any foam to the headboard kit to get it ready for fabric?
No, your newly purchased headboard kit is "ready to cover" right out of the box.

What about sewing? Will I need to sew the fabric?
This can definitely be a "no-sew" project, depending on the size and style of headboard chosen and the fabric you choose to use.

Will it be hard to put staples into the headboard when I attach my fabric?
Absolutely NOT! Anywhere you attach fabric to the headboard, there is an "easy stapling strip™" that you staple into, therefore using the stapler seems effortless, adjusting for mistakes is a snap and in the future the "easy stapling strip™" makes it simple to change fabric.

What if I get tired of the fabric I have used and want to make a change?
Not to worry! Our headboard kits have been designed to be covered over and over again. As mentioned above, the "easy stapling strip™" makes it effortless to remove the old fabric and simple to recover with your new fabric.

How do I install my new headboard?
You will need to provide us with the measurement from the floor to the top of your mattress in order for us to manufacture the legs the correct height for your particular mattress set. The legs are attached to the headboard with the screws provided and are slotted to allow attachment to the bed frame. Alternately, you can simply attach the legs to the headboard, lean it against the wall and push the bed against the legs to hold it in place. Wall mounting is also available as an option for a small additional charge.

Can I ask for a different height?
We are certainly happy to work with you to make the headboard you want. If you want the body of the headboard to be taller (not just the legs higher), we can do that ... there will be an upcharge and the shipping may increase. In addition, we may recommend wall mounting if the increase is significant. Contact us for details.

Can you make a different shape that I have in mind?
If you have a different design in mind, please contact us ... we'll need a sketch, a picture or a web site reference that shows what you're thinking of. Some designs may not be suitable to make as a kit, so we'll evaluate yours, discuss it with you and quote you a price ... to proceed, a deposit will be required.

It looks easy, but I really don't have the time to cover it myself. Can you help?
Yes, we provide a covering service ... you ship us your fabric of choice and we ship back a beautifully complete headboard, ready to install. Please call us for details.

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